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Search Engine Technology

Lesser known search engines

Search engines are an essential part of our world and the world of being informed.  They say information is power and nothing  since the invention of the encyclopedia has done so much to place so much information at the disposal of the consumer.

To the right are logos and text-based links to wonderful search engines that have mined wonderful little tidbits that just may suit your search needs. We're adding more all the time so check back frequently.

How search engines work. A search engine company creates highly specialized software programs called ROBOTS and SPIDERS that spend 24/7/365 searching the entire world-wide-web probing for something called META information. This data is then packaged along with certain types of content from each website.  The information is then categorized for your queries.

A searchable guide to North American music festivals of all kinds.

All 4 One MetaSearch! combining the power of all the worlds best 

Links to organized government databases

ixquick Metasearch

Scrub the Web


Jayde Directory


All 4 One


Go To GlobalSpec

As we grow, we will be presenting you with a potpourri of some of the lesser-known search engines. We're even going to include some fantastic foreign engines which we believe you'll love. 

Search engine's spiders and robots use proprietary algorithms to make your search as easy and as intuitive as possible.  Each engine has unique advantages over a competitor.  You should experiment until you find the engine that best suites your need. At fizzlers we've made your search for a search engine easier by providing this portal to the best of the web.  

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